Usha Service Center in Hyderabad

With the mission of Our Prime Minister of Be Indian Buy Indian and opening of industries in India for which many countries have been approached and MOUs have been signed with them Globally to establish in India their knowledge technical Know how to cultivate the Indian ism in the future years to come.

Usha International Ltd (the Company), is one of such constituted company a constituent in India by the Siddharth Shriram group, was formed in 1934 and started doing business under the brand name, USHA Over the decades, this brand name has become a household name in India while the Company has diversified into the business of new age home appliances, sewing machines, fans, power products, water cooler, water dispensers, modern farm equipment’s and auto components.

Initially Usha are the pioneers in the sewing machine area where they have got their brand name of Usha established
in the every household and industries of ready made clothing ware. Then the Usha company started production of electronic sewing machine both micro and macro in nature size and requirements of the both household and industrial sector.

With this the usha company has generated large clients for their product in the India and also successfully launched the products of electrical gadgets under the banner and style of Usha such as business of new age home appliances, sewing machines, fans, power products, water cooler, water dispensers, modern farm equipment’s and auto components.And made their entry into the electronic gadget market and consumer products manufacturers world of India.

The secret of success of the Usha company is it has incepted from the base line of the community to the rich sections and retained themthrough their initial name which has come as a result of mouth to mouth reference mostly as well as advertisement in the media television newspapers etc at a later stage as the company has grown financially at a future and till date of launching new electronic gadgets of India manufacturers

The Usha company has brought into the market the electrical fanns of various sizes and shapes at down to earth prices which was made possible because of opening the company sale outlets in all most all the states of India. nest stage the Usha company has also launched the auto parts and water cooler, water dispensers, modern farm equipment’s and auto components.

if the sales is the beginning point of any company to markets existence in the world of electronic gadget manufacturers in India rge consumer Know how underwent a sea change and started looking and enquiry of the details and features of any product that they intend to make a purchase as well as service aspect provided by the respective manufacturer after the sale is made both within and after the warranty provided for the electronic gadgets before placing their purchase order itself .Also they are thoroughly going through the reviews in depth as well before making a decision of purchasing the electronic gadget.

In order to keep a pace with this new trend developed by the customers who are ultimately the deciders of the fate of any company and use its produced products all the leading companies have started launching service centers for its products either own or outsourcing the same.Usha company
has also started the service center for its products of electronic gadgets sold under the name and style of Usha service center in Hyderabad .

With the division of Andhra Pradesh into 2 states viz Telangana
and Andhra pradesh the opportunity has opened the doors for new avenue of sales and thereby brought the necessity of opening service unit in Hyderabad. Usha has hence taken this opportunity and being a local manufacturer in India started theusha service units with different sections for different products of usha manufature along with Spares showroom in the same venue to provide genuine service and spares at the reach of the customers of Usha electronic gadgets and preventing the third and unauthorized to stand at bay so that lest they have the opportunity to sell their spares and spoil the very life of the usha electronic gadgets. for this as a security the Usha have also alerted all its clientele well in advance by sending SMS conducting camps in prime areas of the city of Hyderabad where their potential customers can be approached and thereby taken a precautionary measure to the usha brand and market which is established with hard struggle initially. This act on the part of the company has indeed paved way to the company of Usha to develop customer relation extensively in Hyderabad and elsewhere cities of India market.

Usha company is thereby achieved a new finance generating unit by sale of spares and services to the Usha electronic gadgets sold by them. The Usha center is now well equipped with all the latest and technically advanced service gadgets and machinery that are required in the sequel of providing service from the Usha service center in Hyderabad. Usha company has also recruited expertise in the field of the service both from raw graduates from various renowned colleges in the city through their campus recruitment which is the order of the day in manpower arena and experienced persona who have responded to the recruitment drive by the Usha service center in Hyderabad.

Usha service center in Hyderabad is now hence capable of selling spare parts which are genuine from the company itself and providing the best services in the light of the above to prove the correctness of their selection in choosing the Usha brand of electronic equipment.

Usha is one of the oldest brand that is seen its manufacturing success and revival in India and is a patent in few appliances when it comes to selection. We give servicing to this traditional yet strong built appliance that are not so easy to find these days. Any problem related to such appliances not only require technical knowledge expertise due to its traditional ways of manufacturing.

Usha service center in Hyderabad We are providing service for all Usha manufactured products that can be found in your home or office or any other premises. We value your belief in tradition and won’t let it break. We just ask for a chance to serve you and build a tradition with us too in Hyderabad.