Onida Service Center in Hyderabad

Onida service center in Hyderabad and the unique Service Center in Hyderabad

In the day to day life man and women have become so mechanical and monotonous that one cannot take out time for doing their house hold jobs , as the working hours are tied up in such a way that the scheduling of them is not possible both in the morning and evening of the day as there is rush due to reach the working place and fatigue in the evening .

Hence , we find that the need for electronic gadgets has arisen such as the Onida electronics as we know is one of the cream company in the area of electronic gadgets of all the kinds such as air conditioners refrigerators, Oven washing machines mixers and geysers etc and established its mark in the field of electronic gadgets manufacturing companies . Onida electronic gadgets are striving very hard to achieve the leadership in the field of electronic gadgets through their quality latest technology and updated innovation through the immense research team who are always ready to take up this challenge for the change and keep a constant pace with the need of the hour and day.

Onida has not only made a mark in the area of electronic gadgets , but also established a connection with the unique service center in Hyderabad to make the onida service center in Hyderabad to keep an extended life long association till the lifetime of the valuable gadgets of Onida make .

Necessity for establishing a Onida service center in Hyderabad and the unique service center in Hyderabad

With the Central Government decision of dividing the state into two states viz Telangana and Andhra recently the necessity for establishment of a unique service center in Hyderabad has arisen in the state of Telangana , which was hitherto kept elsewhere. And Onida company has definitely made a very intelligent and good decision to set up a unique service center in Hyderabad, to cater to this eventuality due to this decision of the Government.

The advent of the Onida service center in Hyderabad and the unique service center in Hyderabad , has not only provided direct employment to the youth and experienced but also provided indirect employment to the transport connected labor and other ancillary jobs.

The Onida service center in Hyderabad and the unique service center in Hyderabad have opened a opportunity in service sector to provide the spares and service at the door step of the customer with minimum time and ease.
For this the unique service center in Hyderabad has established a specific and separate spares availability setup with the virtue of which are digitally managed including procurement of Onida gadget spares from overseas . this has kept the fraudulent practices in the local markets by the unauthorized spare center who hitherto were taking the advantage of the situation of non availability
of the Onida gadget genuine spares locally availability when required for servicing the gadgets as per the complaints of trouble shoot to their Onida gadgets which slipped of from the company and thereby decreasing the life of the valuable gadgets of the onida make .which will be encashed by the competitors to tarnish the image of Onida electronic gadgets in the market.

The Onida electronic gadgets are updated by the company every now and then to keep a pace with the necessities of the customers. Onida electronic gadgets manufacturing company has made a mark by setting up a Research and Development unit at their main manufacturing unit , where Onida company has taken care to recruit the best among the service personnel in both superior and other managerial cadre , who are even deputed to the overseas for learning and implementing new technology to provide best service to the Onida electronic gadet customers to justify the Onida gadget purchased by them and continue their pace in the market.

The ware house of Onida electronic gadget which is set up in the premises of the Onida service center in Hyderabad under the expert guidance and opinions of the Unique service center in Hyderabad is providing a immense support to Onida customers of all the Onida gadgets purchased by them , are equipped with spares and tools of Onida electronic gadgets and made easy to trace their location through the modern Bio metry numbers affixed to each of the spare parts of onida gadgets , placed them in the order of each onida electronic gadget wise in separate counters and variable racks of the new generation in order to
both make a sale to the onida customers both over online and offline at the coiner as per the discretion of clientele of Onida service center
in Hyderabad who are spread both in urban semi urban areas of the Hyderabad city.

Apart from this the onida company has opened a call center for the Onida electronic gadgets owners in Hyderabad to felicitate Onida customers to register their service calls from their door step with the ease through their electronic devices like mobile iPod by just clicking on the icon of the onida service center in Hyderabad and the unique service center in Hyderabad, which has to be downloaded through the intent free of cost basis and keep using this fecilitywith ease irrespective of their location which is a great save of time to them.

This call center located in proximity to the unique service center in Hyderabad will take up the service calls registered by the onida electronic gadget owners case and priority if their booking time and sends them them to the service engineering
section. The service engineers will then be deputed to the customers as per their seniority in calls registered . These service engineers are first trained by the company and have to undergo a probationary training period under the guidance of senior production and service managers at the Head office of the Onida manufacturing unit tested in the field and then recognized as the service engineers to the Onida company to provide the best of their services at all times to the Onida electronic gadget owners and live up to their satifaction which is the ultimate vision of the Onida electronic gadget company .