Carrier Service Center in Hyderabad

Carrier Service Center in Hyderabad

The word carrier means One that transports or conveys: baggage carriers; a message carrier. such as a person, business, or organization, that deals in the transport of passengers or goods. A mechanism or device by which something is conveyed or conducted. so the carrier company has adopted this name aptly since they are the manufacturers of the electronic devices which conveys their customers
in the form of various utilities of varied use and variety on par with the other competitors in the industry of electronic devices manufacturers in India and established their brand name thereby.

Carrier Corporation are the pioneers and leads the world in the manufacture of residential and commercial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and equipment initially. The carrier businesses also include commercial, industrial, and transport refrigeration and cooling products. Carrier manufactures, sells, and services a varied products around 50 brands of products, among them heat pumps, furnaces, room air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners, chillers, ducted and ductless systems, compressors, condensers, and air cleaners both for industrial and domestic usage .

In India the company has emerged under the name and style of Carrier Air conditioning & Refrigeration Limited and is
Established in the year 1986, Carrier Air conditioning & Refrigeration Limited is engaged primarily in the beginning in manufacturing and exporting of Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning Unit, Ducted Air Conditioning Unit, Carrier Dusted Air Conditioning Unit, Cassette AC and Tower AC. but now the carrier company has got expanded to produce consume durable in the field of domestic usage viz refrigeration and heating equipment down from the base line to the latest improved technology like inbuilt stabilizers digital remote and options and instant chilling and frost free and interchangeable
and temperature conversion and extra free space thereby for other storage during winters instant ice making and switching to inverter during power cuts and 24 hours cooling even during power failures and a weeks storage of vegetables.

If the features enlisted above have supported the sale of the carrier branded electronic gadget products and introduced new clientele to the carrier products both in industrial and domestic sector , the main destination of any company is the service and maintenance to the products after the sale to give a
trouble free and increased life to the carrier gadget to have a continued market and future sales to the carrier electronic gadgets.

Hence the companies in the electronic gadget manufacturing
area are now making it a point to have a service center for their products As is the case of carrier company who have now opened a new revenue Center other than sale of electronic
gadget that is sale of spares and services by opening the sales warehouses and the service centers in one location proximate to the customer location and transportation as well.
This has shown a tremendous opportunities
to the carrier company to boost its finance thereby rate of earning on their investment to the share holders.

Not only this the carrier service centre is come up in Hyderabad
along with spares warehouse and service station as a result of the latest decision of the central government to divide Andhra pradesh into two states i.e. Telangana and Andhra and Hyderabad is the capital city to the newly formed Telangana state. This decision on the part of the company ro have a Carrrier Service station has hence helped the customers now stationed at Telangana to find in proximity the service center to have uninterrupted qand quality service in the time of troubleshoot to their gadgets.

The service engineers of the carrier service center in Hyderabad who are well trained at the manufacturing unit itself before deputing them to the field work and the location of the customer immediately within the minimum possible time to resolve the issues of the carrier company products purchased by them. The carrier company is now able to supply genuine spares and quality service through the carrier service station and spares ware house situated under one roof in proximity to the customers.

New job opportunities are generated with the opening of the carrier service centre in Hyderabad along with spares showroom which have given the customer the option of a direct purchase or at their convenience time at their premises. as this unit of carrier service centre works on 24/7 on a 365 days availability, The carrier service centre in Hyderabad is now equipped with the latest technologically advanced service tools
and machines to keep a pace with the changes as per he aspiration and requirement of the carrier electronic gadget owners in Hyderabad. It has a spacious area for service sale units and also a waiting area with all the felicities to keep the customers who visit the carrier service centre in Hyderabad
in good mood and enjoy the waiting time with ease and comfort and is a measure of improvement in the sale to the carrier company of electronic gadgets and the customer now gets the confidence on the company along with satisfaction
and indirectly develops new references for sale with this carrier service centre in Hyderabad.

A call centre working in shifts is also opened by the carrier
company on a franchisee basis along with the carrier service cente in Hyderabad will enable the customer to make a call and registration of their service requirement as well as queries
and fix the service at their convenient time. which has done away the old system of customer carrying the equipment to huge distances and wait for the service to their equipment .

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